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Maintenance Specialist 5
About the Position:
The Maintenance Specialist 5, Technical Maintenance Supervisor position is critical to the continuity of a variety of equipment and life safety control systems. The position supervises Facilities Management’s Technical Maintenance Shop which operates, maintains, and provides Public Work assistance for critical campus building and safety systems in three major areas:
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC)
  • Building Automation and Control Systems (BACS)
  • Life Safety Systems: Fire Alarm Systems (FAS), Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Video Management Systems (VMS), Access Control Systems (ACS) and other associated campus control systems

This position is part of a Washington Federation of State Employees bargaining unit. New employees are required to meet the membership requirements of the current collective bargaining agreement within 30 calendar days of employment.

About the College/Department: Facilities Management – Technical Maintenance
Position Responsibilities:
  • Supervise by example; provide leadership and establish clear lines of communication for all assigned personnel
  • Supervise the preparation of justification of needs and cost estimates including documentation and estimates for capital improvement projects as related to campus HVAC/R systems, BACS, FAS, IDS, VMS and ACS
  • Supervise the preparation of specific drawings to include ladder diagrams, block diagrams, or wiring details for any work as related to campus HVAC/R systems, BACS, FAS, IDS, VMS and ACS
  • Coordinate with Facilities Design and Capital Budget (FDCB) the required engineering interface for all new construction and remodel projects that interface with campus HVAC/R systems, BACS, FAS, IDS, VMS, and ACS
  • Know and be familiar with ALL campus facilities, products, and systems for which the Technical Maintenance Shop is responsible to maintain
  • Supervise and coordinate meeting sustainability goals and energy saving projects for which Technical Maintenance staff provides services
  • Material/equipment ordering for the Technical Maintenance Shop; determine stock levels and order appropriate materials for projects and maintenance repairs
  • Assist managers with budges and future staffing requirements for the assigned maintenance areas; coordinate budget requests and status with manager; determine levels of funding required to complete all phases of work; ensure materials used for all University activities concerning the shop are charged to the appropriate budget code and/or job number
  • Maintain current knowledge of funded and recharge budgets and coordinate with manager as appropriate; operate show within given budget restraints
  • Possess computer knowledge to perform assigned duties; become capable with FAMIS CMMS operating system and other computer applications for management of assigned work, control of shop inventory, material charges, and other associated costs for all Technical Maintenance Shop maintenance work; complete assigned crew work orders in CMMS as required
  • Supervise the maintenance, installation, modification, trouble diagnosis, testing, repair, calibration, and operation of a wide variety of mechanical, pneumatic, electrical, and electronic equipment and apparatus
  • Oversee the campus EPA Refrigerant Compliance tracking
  • Provide updates for Campus Standards and Guidelines on Air Distribution, Ventilation and Exhaust Systems, Refrigeration Systems and Testing Adjusting and Balancing (TAB)
  • Supervise indoor air quality and advise management on resolution of complaints including trouble diagnosis, testing, repair, calibration, and final reports on the cause, related regulations and proposed solutions
  • Supervise the HVAC commission of new installations when requested and manage the re-commissioning of existing systems to function as intended
  • Supervise the maintenance, installation, modification, trouble diagnosis, testing, repair, calibration, operation, software update coordination, and delivery management of vendor services with the maintenance agreement for the BACS vendor; manage the training through the BACS vendor and manage the campus wide Building Automation Systems
  • Coordinate with Building Automation Center (BAC) personnel on any related interface with field Building Automation Systems (BAS) equipment controls that will be associated with the BAC
  • Supervise and exercise primary responsibility for planning, design, and execution of complex engineering activities related to efficient maintainable plan operations of HVAC systems, heating systems, related controls and related electrical systems
  • Supervise the monitoring/analyzing of mechanical HVAC systems and operations to assure compliance with consulting engineer’s design and specifications
  • Supervise the reading and interpretation of complex control sequences and a process providing verification that systems operate within design
  • Supervise preparation of software code modules as needed to optimize building operation; conduct engineering surveys and prepare necessary reports
  • Supervise the documentation on equipment and systems discrepancies as required
  • Supervise the development of recommendations for systems modifications; review and recommend needed revisions
  • Supervise the review of final systems documentation (as-built drawings, blue prints, equipment operational manuals, Commissioning Reports, and Testing and Balance (TAB) reports) and other documentation as requested
  • Supervise BACS staff involvement in preparing building punch lists, coordination and verification of mechanical systems installation, repairs and modifications with consulting engineering, contractors and University personnel
  • Supervise the review and recommend changes that directly relate to accepted engineering practices and ASHRAE cycles of operation such as number of air changes per hour, make up air quantities, controlling impacts to indoor air quality issues
  • Supervise the review and approval of submittal data from contractors that will be added to the BACS
  • Supervise the review, interpretation and editing of building control programs including dynamic and graphic display design and development
  • Supervise the research and analysis on consulting engineer’s designs and interpretation of complex HVAC and controls equipment design, specifications and documents
  • Recommend and coordinate maintenance and operations based on standard engineering procedures and practices
  • Supervise the monitoring of installation of facility HVAC and related controls systems which includes utility head ends and distribution, ventilation, heading, refrigeration, air conditioning, hydronics and related electrical
  • Supervise staff coordinating with consulting engineers, contractors and University personnel to research and resolve engineering conflicts as required; initiate appropriate requests for information (RFI) as required
  • Supervise the review of change order documentation of system modifications and concealed components; review materials submittals, change orders, and other contract requirements
  • Supervise BACS staff on complete project Commissioning (Quality Assurance) per the latest State of Washington requirements, planning for this engineering process from beginning to project completion, and develop testing criteria, to include but not be limited to: installation checks, operational functional testing, documentation, O & M manuals and training, and ongoing monitoring of key facility systems
  • Supervise the maintenance, installation, modification, trouble diagnosis, testing, repair, calibration, and operation of FAS, IDS, VMS, ACS, and other control systems including centralized clock systems, intercoms and door operators
  • Supervise code and compliance interpretations to campus staff including but not limited to: architects, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, environmental health and safety (EHS) liaison, and all trades
  • Supervise staff assistance in design and engineering of new systems or older system upgrades
  • Supervise complex engineering assignments for system protocols by working with engineers and consultants; designing and assisting in the design of systems; exercising specific project management for minor system repairs and/or installations, or segments of larger projects; performing maintenance, repairs, and installation of FAS, IDS, VMS, ACS and other systems; and purchasing equipment and controls for associated systems
  • Use computers, telephones and tools of the trade typically required of journey level supervisory maintenance personnel in the field
  • Write service request for maintenance repairs as required for others to fund; received funded approved projects and work orders
  • Document and approve all staff time including work time on each funded work order, leave and any other absence
  • Work with assigned personnel to ensure all scheduled preventative maintenance (PM) tasks are completed on time; inspect campus buildings and facilities for tasks and equipment to be included in the PM program; prioritize life safety and code required work
  • Complete annual job performance evaluations; provide goals and expectations for the following year’s annual review; determine acceptable levels of employee performance based on the pre-established expectations for the job classification, desk description, and performance evaluation expectations
  • Provide assigned manager with written documentation for matters that concern personnel issues including disciplinary matters or when individuals have not or are not performing their assigned tasks; participate in employee discipline when necessary
  • Train and evaluate employees; assist in the recruitment process for selecting new employees
  • Provide reasonable work schedules to manage and keep all assigned personnel working in a consistent and productive manner
  • Work independently with little or no supervision
  • Manage time well and work in under pressure situations with tight schedules and deadlines to complete projects
  • Assure adherence to safety rules and precautions by all assigned personnel
  • Follow appropriate PPE requirements and ensure that all personnel assigned to you do the same
  • Develop approved and accepted methods and procedures to be followed by assigned personnel
  • Write reports and documentation of events when required; maintain maintenance records for all assigned University facilities; work with managers on the development of policies and procedures
  • Be courteous and work effectively with students, staff, and faculty at all levels of the organization, and in contacts with the public; provide a positive image to our customers/clients and co-workers
  • Work well with diverse populations by using effective interpersonal skills and a friendly and cooperative manner
  • If listed in the “Facilities Management Essential Personnel List” you are required to report to work when safe and called on to report
  • Utilize time wisely; insure that assigned personnel are doing the same
  • Work in varying weather conditions;  outdoor exposure is required and expected when necessary and is done if varying types of weather
  • Read and comprehend written documentation such as spreadsheets, takeoffs, blueprints, construction schedules, and written specifications
  • Determine specifications for products and equipment used by the Technical Maintenance Shop
  • Develop long range outlook planning including equipment selection for capital funding when major campus systems maintained by this shop or their components may go obsolete
  • Communicate clearly using written, graphic, and verbal means
  • Position may require training and certification as an asbestos worker
  • Physically perform essential job functions with or without reasonable accommodation to include, but not be limited to: .
    • Standing/walking (constantly - to 25% of the time)
    • Sitting at a computer or sitting at a work station (constantly - to 75% of the time)
    • Lifting/carrying
      • 80 - 100 lb. seldom, to 5% of the time
      • 50 - 80 lb. 10 - 20% of the time
      • 10 - 50 lb. over 75% of the time
    • Bending/twisting/crouching/kneeling/ squatting - to perform duties above
    • Reaching below knees/knees to shoulder/above shoulder - to perform duties above
    • Occasionally access small areas; these areas may be between ducts, inside ductwork, in access holes, under floors, in crawl spaces, or other close quarters
  • Perform other related duties as specified by management within Facilities Management
  • Perform role as FM Safety Committee Chairperson on a yearly rotational basis with other supervisors
  • Serve on FM or other committees when requested
  • Act as a temporary shop supervisor in other FM shops when requested
Required Qualifications:
  • Three years’ full-time journey level experience as a Control Technician, or HVAC/R Technician, or Fire Alarm/Security Technician or equivalent
  • 06 Electrical License (License is required because journey level independent experience in the above fields in private industry requires a 06 Electrical License; applicants with military or government experience must demonstrate equivalency to the 06 license)
  • One year experience as a full-time Lead, Foreman, or Supervisor of Control Technicians, or HVAC/R Technicians, or Fire Alarm/Security Technicians or equivalent
  • Demonstrated experience in doing work in commercial, industrial and institutional settings
  • High school graduation or possession of a GED certificate
  • Possess a valid driver’s license or ability to obtain valid license prior to starting work
  • Have the physical ability to perform the essential job functions
Preferred Qualifications:
  • Demonstrated supervisory experience with BACS installation, repair, and maintenance of electrical, electronic and pneumatic controls, Direct Digital Controls (DDC), air conditioning, and refrigeration systems and Energy Management Control System(s) (EMCS)
  • Demonstrated supervisory experience on energy saving projects driven through re-commissioning and/or BACS updates
  • Demonstrated supervisory experience with installation, repair, and maintenance of electrical, electronic Fire Alarm Systems (FAS), Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Video Management Systems (VMS) and Access Control Systems (ACS)
  • Possess a strong knowledge of applicable Washington Administrative Code (WAC) regulations and local building and mechanical codes, Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act (WISHA), Occupational Safety and Health Agency (OSHA) rules and regulations, standard job safety rules, and the proper use of a face respirator
  • Ability to manage time well and work in under pressure situations with tight schedules and deadlines to complete projects
  • Ability to read and comprehend various program languages as related to HVAC/R or fire alarm, intrusion, security or access control systems
  • Good working knowledge of or formal training in several related skill fields including: plumbing, sheet metal, welding, pipe fitting, pipe insulating, hazard material (asbestos abatement), electrical, carpentry, signage, and painting obtained in an institutional, commercial, or industrial environment
  • Skill levels beyond basic proficiency in Microsoft products, mainly Word, Excel, and Outlook
  • Computer knowledge to perform assigned duties
Academic Emphasis: N/A
Job Location: Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA
Salary: New hires typically begin at $5,010/month including an excellent benefit package
Bargaining Union: E
Application Instructions and Requested Documents: Please log in below and submit your application via WWU’s Electronic Application System for Employment (EASE). Note: You will need to be using Internet Explorer to utilize our online application system.

A cover letter and resume are required and should address your experience related to the position responsibilities and the required and preferred qualifications. You may cut and paste or upload your resume as noted on the EASE application.

Please complete the education and work experience section of the EASE application and submit the names and contact information of three professional references.
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Job Posted: 5/30/2013
Closing Date: 6/13/2013
Recruitment #: 130255
Western Washington University (WWU) is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer committed to assembling a diverse, broadly trained faculty and staff. Women, minorities, people with disabilities and veterans are strongly encouraged to apply. In compliance with applicable laws and in furtherance of its commitment to fostering an environment that welcomes and embraces diversity, WWU does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, disability, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status or genetic information in its programs or activities, including employment, admissions, and educational programs. See WWU's Policy on Providing Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination. EO/AA inquiries may be directed to the Vice Provost for Equal Opportunity and Employment Diversity, Title IX Coordinator, Equal Opportunity Office, Western Washington University, Old Main 345 (MS 9021), 516 High Street, Bellingham, WA 98225; 360.650.3307 (voice) or 711 (Washington Relay); EOO.

WWU is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities upon request. To request this document in an alternate format or to request an accommodation, please contact Human Resources Disability Services, 360.650.3774 or 711 (Washington Relay).

All new employees must comply with the immunization policy and show employment eligibility verification as required by the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Service before beginning work at WWU. A thorough background check will be conducted on all new hires.

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