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Program Specialist 2
About the Position: This is a 10.5 month, 75% permanent position. 

The goal of the Sustainable Cities Partnership is to provide service-learning opportunities for WWU students, while simultaneously serving the community by solving sustainability-related problems faced by cities.  The purpose of this position so to perform virtually all managerial and administrative tasks necessary to facilitate achievement of that goal, with minimal direction from two people: the Academic Director of Sustainability (who provides guidance with respect to interactions with faculty), and the Campus Sustainability Manager (who is the supervisor for the purposes of personnel administration). 

This position is part of a Public School Employees of WWU bargaining unit.  New employees are required to meet the membership requirements of the current collective bargaining agreement within 30 calendar days of employment.

About the College/Department: Office of Sustainability
Position Responsibilities:
  • Recruit SCP Participants (both faculty, & a partner city)
    • Interact with faculty throughout the colleges/departments to understand the curricular substance of various courses and to enlist the participation of faculty, assemble an inventory of potential courses/faculty; reach out to faculty at other regional universities as necessary and feasible
    • Write all documents that comprise the "Application Packet" that is used by a city to apply for participation in the program
    • Prepare/write informational materials (PPT presentation, FAQ sheet) for the program
    • Develop web content describing the program and deliver to webmaster
    • Evaluate populations/locations of cities in northwest Washington, develop a list of target partners
    • Make "cold call" contact with officials in target cities
    • Develop and give public presentations regarding the program to audiences such as city Department Heads, Mayors, and City Councils
    • Interact with city officials as they prepare applications; use and exhibit specialized knowledge of city functions/operations to discern the nature of a city's programs and to instill officials with confidence that Western understands their problems
    • Develop a tentative match between each given problem (multiple problems and multiple cities) and a service-learning course either at WWU or at another regional university; discuss the city's project with the relevant faculty member; gain a commitment from the faculty member to tackle the project, and also solicit enough information to develop a rough project budget [e.g, will there be field work? how many field trips? how large a student group? are there other associated costs (lab costs, for example)? what is the nature of the deliverable the class will provide?]
    • For city projects not germane to any service-learning course, identify any other methods by which Western's academic resources can be used to tackle the project (e.g., an internship, a crew of student employees, a collaboration with an entity such as CEBR), and estimate the cost of such method
    • For each city pursing an application, write a draft "Program Concept" document that summarized what Western would be capable of offering to the city; each document includes a list of 1-paragraph descriptions of the problems, the course (or other resource) that work tackle the given problem, and the rough estimate of method and budget
    • Prepare materials summarizing the pros/cons of each potential partnership, in collaboration with supervisors, select the best partner
  • Contract Development & Management
    • For the projects proposed by the selected city, gain a firm commitment from relevant faculty, as well as a more refined understanding of the associated costs
    • Estimate the workload associated with this position itself in the coming fiscal year (level of FTE required by quarter); calculate cost of the position itself; write a PA form for the position, relevant to the coming fiscal year
    • Develop the fiscal-year budget for the partnership (incorporating the marginal costs of each specific project, together with the program overhead costs)
    • Write a draft interagency agreement that includes standard "boilerplate" clauses (e.g. indemnification, term, financial processes) cribbed from prior agreements, as well as a cope of work and budget unique to the year's anticipated program; interact with the city and with WWU's Contract Administration office to secure execution of the Agreement
    • Liaise with the city throughout the fiscal year re: contractual issues
    • Write detailed scope-of-work documents for each project, identifying the schedule, the involved faculty (or other WWU resource), the tasks to be performed, the materials and assistance required from the city, the involved city personnel, the deliverables, and the cost; formally approved each detailed SOW
    • Tabulate program costs on a quarterly basis; deliver the tabulation to Contract Administration for inclusion in their quarterly invoice
  • Manage & Coordinate Day-to-Day Operations
    • In collaboration with program leadership, design/revise policies and processes
    • Independently establish and maintain administrative mechanisms necessary to operate a self-sustaining unit at Western (e.g. establish fund codes, arrange budget authorities, arrange OneCard, fuel card, telecom)
    • Serve as liaison throughout the year for involved faculty and for the city partner
    • Independently handle routine day-to-day tasks of program operations (e.g., arrange rental vehicles, purchase supplies, arrange catering and venues for events, disburse stipends, process travel authorizations and reimbursements)
    • Act as budget authority; approve budget expenditures; maintain necessary records of expenditures; for both the overall program and the individual projects, monitor the budget throughout the fiscal year (using Banner and Millennium) and advise supervisors as to budget status
    • Independently perform hiring procedures (e.g., Employee Information Form, NOAEPAF submissions) for interns that have been selected by faculty; process timesheets
    • Review operation of the program and recommend modifications in policies and processes
    • Develop written documentation of program processes for use by future incumbents of the position
  • Edit Reports
    • Edit (and rewrite, if necessary) student-authored reports generated by courses, in order to achieve a professional level of polish that is suitable for release to city officials and the public; this task requires exceptional abilities with respect to written communication, as well as sufficient understanding of the content of the reports; complex and professional
    • Deliver reports to the partner city, archive reports with the Western Library
  • Work on City Projects
    • Write job descriptions and post advertisements for necessary student employees; interview applicants and select which to hire
    • Perform hiring procedures (e.g. Employee Information form, NOAEPAF submission; process timesheets)
    • Train and supervise the work of student employees
  • Misc Program Promotion
    • Promote the program to media; write press releases; interact with a journalism intern (who is supervised by Univ. Communications) to advise of opportunities to promote the program
    • Develop and give presentations regarding the program at conferences (regional/national) and at local forums (e.g. the "Community Engagement Fellows" events hosted by the Center for Service Learning)
Required Qualifications:
  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution in a field such as environmental/sustainability studies, economics, planning, public policy, architecture, landscape architecture, business administration, law, education or other field related to the creation of sustainable cities or commensurate experience on a university or college campus
  • Excellent interpersonal, oral and written communication skills
  • Exceptional writing and report production capabilities
  • Outstanding organizational skills and ability to manage several activities at once
  • Minimum two years of experience with program coordination
  • Minimum two years of experience in a field related to sustainability
  • Minimum two years of experience with project management
  • Demonstrated meeting facilitation experience
  • Demonstrated experience in collaborative working environments and projects
  • Demonstrated experience in public speaking and the use of modern presentation media
  • Proficient user of Microsoft Office Suite
Preferred Qualifications:
  • Master's degree from an accredited institution in a field such as environmental/sustainability studies, economics, planning, public policy, architecture, landscape architecture, business administration, law, education, or other field related to the creation of sustainable cities
  • Experience working with city governments
  • Experience working with college and university faculty and students
  • Experience in university-community engagement
  • Experience with public outreach and input processes
  • Experience with service-learning activities
  • Experience with supervising or directing the work of others, including students
  • Experience in program assessment
  • Demonstrated knowledge of college/university & municipal processes, including budget and planning processes
  • Experience in creating RFPs and contracts
  • Working knowledge of graphic and layout software (e.g. Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign)
  • Budgeting experience
  • Familiarity with Western Washington University
Academic Emphasis: N/A
Job Location: Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA
Salary: Salary range is $2465.25/month to $3234.75/month. New hires typically begin at $2465.25/month, but may begin higher depending on qualifications and experience
Bargaining Union: PTE
Application Instructions and Requested Documents: Please log in below and submit your application via WWU's Electronic Application System for Employment (EASE).  Note:  You will need to be using Internet Explorer to fully utilize our online application system.
A cover letter and resume are required and should address your experience related to the position responsibilities and the required and preferred qualifications.  You may cut and paste or upload your resume and cover letter as noted on the EASE application.

Please complete the education and work experience section of the EASE application and submit the names and contact information of three professional references.
Other Information: Follow Western Employment on Facebook and WWUEmployment on Twitter
Job Posted: 6/5/2017
Closing Date: 6/26/2017
Recruitment #: 170228
Western Washington University (WWU) is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer committed to assembling a diverse, broadly trained faculty and staff. Women, minorities, people with disabilities and veterans are strongly encouraged to apply. In compliance with applicable laws and in furtherance of its commitment to fostering an environment that welcomes and embraces diversity, WWU does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex (including pregnancy and parenting status), disability, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status or genetic information in its programs or activities, including employment, admissions, and educational programs. See WWU's Policy on Ensuring Equal Opportunity and Prohibiting Discrimination and Retaliation. Inquiries may be directed to the Vice Provost for Equal Opportunity and Employment Diversity, Title IX and ADA Coordinator, Equal Opportunity Office, Western Washington University, Old Main 345 (MS 9021), 516 High Street, Bellingham, WA 98225; 360.650.3307 (voice) or 711 (Washington Relay); eoo@wwu.edu

WWU is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities upon request. To request this document in an alternate format or to request an accommodation, please contact Human Resources Disability Services, 360.650.3774 or 711 (Washington Relay).

All new employees must comply with the immunization policy and show employment eligibility verification as required by the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Service before beginning work at WWU. A thorough background check will be conducted on all new hires.

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